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Name roliks: Anal Tea Service -- Kira

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Beautiful Kira was such a good playground playmate that Dr. Mercies decided to celebrate over pee tea with her. She took a fresh load of warm pee in her ass, before squirting it out and proceeding to a nasty round of ass to mouth. This was a good, relaxing evening. Tea shall certainly be a regular ritual around here. Do we call it tea service or pee service? Let us know what you think sounds best. JESSICA KAY - FACEFUCK DOMINOES (2018/FullHD)


Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.44 GB

The beautiful Jessica Kay is back to entertain Dr. Mercies with her mouth. This involves roughly slapping and fucking her face while playing a twisted game of dominoes. There's also some ass licking dominoes and toe licking dominoes. It all culminates in... you guessed it: cumshot dominoes. Have fun with this one, folks. We sure did. Alexa nova - ANAL TEA SERVICE -- ALEXA  March 30, 2018 (2018/FullHD)

Name roliks: ANAL TEA SERVICE -- ALEXA  March 30, 2018

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.44 GB

The Assylum Tea Room is in full service, at last. This means it's time to train these submissive girls in anal appropriateness and piss properness. Hot little Alexa Nova is up first. She takes a piss enema in piledriver, deep into her colon, before squirting it out into a bowl for inspection. This is followed by some golden drinks, rough anal sex and ass to mouth, and a little face fucking. She rims Dr. Mercies while he enjoys a cup of tea too. Then he cums into her cup for her to gobble down like an obedient girl's proper beverage. It was a good lesson, deep down in the Assylum rabbit hole. KIRA NOIR - ROUGH RECESS (2018/FullHD)

Name roliks: ROUGH RECESS

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 3.16 GB

Kira is that rare babe with a perfect body, a craving to be used and dominated, and a razor sharp brain. Dr. Mercies decided she was the perfect submissive with whom to re-imagine recess and enjoy it again as adults. Kira gets lots and lots of rough ass to mouth on the merry-go-round, some brutal gagging in the sandbox, and then makes Dr. Mercies a slobber castle. After she kisses his feet to thank him for her degradation, he gives her a little pleasure while she hangs upside down from the monkey bars. Stay tuned for the BTS interview with Kira. She's one of the most articulate people to come through our doors and had a lot to share that we think you'll find interesting. JESSICA KAY - MAID FOR PUNISHMENT (2018/FullHD)


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Hot little anal punishment glutton, Jessica, is back for day 3 of her Extended Shoot. Because she likes to clean, Dr. Mercies had her clean his closet, but he called her out every several minutes to use her submissive little mouth and asshole. This is no typical porno or factory BDSM movie, folks. This is an honest, spontaneous session that lasted close to two hours. It contains repeated bouts of rough anal sex, very punishing ass to mouth, extended deep rimming, face fucking, slapping, caning, flogging, tongue beatings, and much more. In the end, Dr. Mercies spread his cum into Jessica's eyes and sent her back into the closet to continue cleaning with her eyeballs on fire. The beauty of this session is that Jessica liked it. She's sick and awesome like that.

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