Sign In Create Account Loose Cunt Whore Alexis - Alexis' XXL cunt destruction March 13th, 2018 (2018/HD)

Name roliks: Alexis' XXL cunt destruction March 13th, 2018

Type SiteRip: 720 Size: 368 MB

Our insatiable, pregnant 'Loose Cunt Whore Alexis' spoils us with another obscene cunt destruction scene, vacuum pumping and stretching her wrecked hole with her favorite giant toys! We fucking love this horny slut and the trash talk from her gutter mouth, as she destroys her pussy obsessively with so much pride and pleasure. Look at the size of her massive swollen cunt hole, throbbing and oozing cum juices between each colossal toy she devours, screaming 'Wreck That Pregnant Cunt You Nasty Whore', as she enjoys countless explosive orgasms like a true nymphomaniac! Karina HH - XXL foot fucking orgasms March 13th, 2018 (2018/HD)

Name roliks: XXL foot fucking orgasms March 13th, 2018

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We have an outrageous new update starring our popular mischievous teen, having her pussy punished by a dominant fan who foot fucks her with his filthy, huge boot! This is probably her most sadistic scene to date, and shows she really will allow anyone and anything to penetrate her ruined loose cunt. Watch the depraved whore lick his apartment floor clean with her tongue, then spread her legs open and smile happily as he inserts his massive boot in her, sparing no mercy as he kicks his foot in and out fast and deep, as she relishes every moment of her humiliating experience! Queen Helen - Helens savage strapon fuck March 13th, 2018 (2018/HD)

Name roliks: Helens savage strapon fuck March 13th, 2018

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Our beautiful amateur 'Queen Helen' stars in her most shocking strapon penetration scene, having her pussy bulldozed by her husband with her very biggest dildo! This is a must see movie for all of Helens fans, featuring her most powerful piss squirting orgasms and pussy destruction we've ever had the pleasure to witness. See him thrust that gargantuan dildo measuring over 4 inches thick, halfway in and out of her splattering loose cunt so hard and deep, its a miracle she didn't split in half, causing her XXL destroyed cunt to prolapse, gape, gush and throb between every orgasm! Loose Cunt Whore Alexis - Alexis' cunt wrecking torture March 7th, 2018 (2018/HD)

Name roliks: Alexis' cunt wrecking torture March 7th, 2018

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Our favorite 'Loose Cunt Whore Alexis' stars in this obscene pregnant cunt wrecking scene, fucking the most enormous animal dildos in her vacuum swollen pussy! She uses two giant toys from the 'Bad Dragon' range to torture her hole, one is a giant dog dick and the other is an XXL ejaculating Dragon cock. 'Wreck That Fucking Pussy You Pregnant Whore' she screams as she impales herself to the base on both her toys, bouncing up and down and talking trash, whilst screaming in several orgasms, till her pussy hangs open and destroyed with pools of cum juices oozing out! Karina HH - Intense fisting orgasms March 7th, 2018 (2018/HD)

Name roliks: Intense fisting orgasms March 7th, 2018

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Our popular mischievous teen returns in a new update, once again having her greedy loose pussy fisted and stretched by another random fan! She's smiling from ear to ear with excitement because she knows this guys hands are fucking huge, and will stretch her greedy hole to the max. She lays naked on the floor with her legs spread wide apart, as he takes his time to insert his entire fist and with plenty of lube, slides it straight in to the wrist, twists it around and pumps it in and out repeatedly, whilst she breaths heavily and enjoys every moment of her loose cunt wrecking experience! Sasha - Extreme anal fist & prolapse March 7th, 2018 (2018/HD)

Name roliks: Extreme anal fist & prolapse March 7th, 2018

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An exciting new amateur model 'Sasha' stars in this impressive debut movie, having both her wrecked holes fisted and fucked with huge objects! She's an incredibly arousing lady with an extreme obsession for ruining her ass and pussy to obscene levels. Enjoy watching her debut as her boyfriend punch fucks both her holes with brute f0rce, and continues stuffing her ass with wine bottles, dildos and a penis pump, which he uses to vacuum pump her prolapse till it protrudes over 5 inches externally from her body, in what we can only describe as one of the longest prolapses we've seen! Nami Honda - Nami Honda swallows cum on her birthday (2018/FullHD)

Name roliks: Nami Honda swallows cum on her birthday

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At a walk in the park for her birthday, Nami Honda gets a vibrator working in her panties. She tries to walk like that, but she canТt, so her guy and she go to a hidden place. Here, this doll has her boobs touched and the pussy aroused even more. She takes the manТs cock out of his pants and starts sucking it. This birthday gal really knows how to wrap her lips around a dong! Nami sucks this cock more and more, driving the man wild. In the end, she asks for a handkerchief, but she swallows the cum. Naami Hasegawa - Naami Hasegawa gets anal and double team (2018/FullHD)

Name roliks: Naami Hasegawa gets anal and double team

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Naami Hasegawa has the asshole fucked with a vibrator and the pussy fucked with fingers, same time. All nude, she sucks a cock while her ass and beaver are simultaneously fingered. After licking one dick during a deep fucking, she gets the asshole pumped really good. This doll rides a dong while sucking the other one and another round of hard anal follows. With her ass up in the air, Naami has the cunt and the butt fucked same time. Her round boobs shake a lot when she is fucked in butt again and again until her asshole pours cum. Faye (EU) (41) - British big breasted MILF Faye playing with her toy (2018/FullHD)

Name roliks: British big breasted MILF Faye playing with her toy

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.61 GB Claudia Macc - So Many Streams (2018/FullHD)

Name roliks: So Many Streams

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.66 GB

Claudia Macc graces our screens here at Wet and Pissy once more, just over a year after her last appearance. This time, Claudia is wearing seriously tight denim jeans which cling to every curve of her hot body. Suddenly, Claudia holds onto her crotch feeling like she needs to pee. She squats on the leather sofa and starts peeing her pants. Her crotch gets soaked with her golden liquid and Claudia places her hand down to catch some of her pee streams before tasting them. Once she has finished, gorgeous Claudia licks her juices off the sofa then strips naked before wiping her jeans along the floor, soaking them in her puddle. She licks and sucks her denim then wastes no time in getting back onto the sofa and gaping her pussy apart to finger herself. Using golden Ben-Wa balls, Claudia inserts them in and out of her pussy and decides to catch another of her pee streams in a blue glass bowl as she pissing while standing, pulling her golden balls out of her pussy half way through her pee stream. Once the bowl is full of her warm piss, Claudia gets on the floor and laps it up, spitting it back into the bowl playfully, then pours it all over her head. This drenches Claudia completely! After she gets back onto the sofa, Claudia toys her wet pussy with a dildo, stopping to piss all over her sex toy then continues to fuck herself. Finally, this piss loving babe catches one final piss stream in a vase, pouring it into her mouth and over her face to end her second pissing porn scene with us! Julie Kay - Excited For Some Ebony Pussy (2018/FullHD)

Name roliks: Excited For Some Ebony Pussy

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Julie Kay is an exotic nubian princess with a smoking hot body. She loves sex and could not be more excited to be shooting with us! Her enthusiasm shined bright with her willingness to deepthroat beyond her gag reflex and her exceptional cock riding skills. If you were wondering why sheТs such a freak it may be because she lost her virginity to two men when she was super young. Regardless, this tasty piece of chocolate gave us a spectacular show and got her face covered with some manly marshmallow cream for the finale. Kel Bowie - Mar 19, 2018: Kel Blowie (2018/HD)

Name roliks: Mar 19, 2018: Kel Blowie

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Kel Bowie is back and ready to blow for Kel Blowie, Part 2! She's chained up to a devious device, her neck immobilized in steel bondage. On her knees in a cute floral romper, Jesse wastes no time shoving his cock down her throat. She gags and drools everywhere during the sloppy blow job as he rubs his dick across her face.

Next, the device is pivoted up and she's brought to her feet, balancing in heels with her ass fully on display. Jesse quickly takes advantage of the vulnerable position, and her eyes roll back in her head as he begins fucking her roughly.

The device is flipped one more time, and Kel is bent over for more brutal fucking. Jesse rams into her gorgeous full ass, shading it pink from the impact. Finally, he treats her to the hitachi and she cums like crazy!